The week in PREVENT

Katie Wells


The past week has been extremely exciting for the PREVENT team, we have welcomed back our very first participant for their Year Two follow-up visit. This will help us to see if there have been any changes in cognitive function or brain scanning since the last visit. This was completed successfully even with a few new assessments added in! The team in London have really enjoyed welcoming back the first participant and are all really looking forward to seeing all of our participants again and hearing what they have been up to over the past two years since we saw them last.

The Edinburgh site had a brief pause over the Christmas break but is now set to restart scanning and participant visits with increased momentum! We can’t wait to see the results of these studies, and thank you to everyone who has or plans to take part and help us overcome dementia.

Last week also signalled a landmark event by way of our first official launch event of the
PREVENT Membership scheme. The event was a great success and it was really interesting to hear different opinions on the scheme. The biggest topic of discussion surrounded the purpose of the Membership scheme which gave us a really good opportunity to scope what we aim to achieve by developing this. We heard some great ideas for fundraising and how we can spread the word and raise awareness of our research. We wanted to find out what people felt would be important to them if they became supporters of our research and we will be taking this feedback on board for future events and dissemination activities.

At the event, we heard a great suggestion from one of the guests who suggested we rebranded the scheme as the ‘PREVENT Foundation’ and we will be discussing this further with our colleagues as we both thought this was a great idea. What was clear from all those attending is that there is a real drive and passion for people to be involved with dementia research and even though many may not be able to help as research participants themselves this scheme could be a way for people to still get involved and help.

2016 has been a really exciting year so far for PREVENT and with our Edinburgh site now also recruiting new participants I’m sure there will lots of interesting updates to come throughout the year.

The PREVENT team are really looking forward to our next public engagement event being held in Edinburgh on 7th March 2016. It is called Can we PREVENT dementia?, and will give an overview of the science behind dementia in a really relaxed and informal session with a few of Scotland’s top scientists including Prof Ritchie and government advisor, Dr Tara Spires-Jones. There are so many misleading headlines in the news about dementia, and this informal evening will give everyone a chance to discuss these and find out the real science behind the headlines with some experts. Do come along if you’re in the area it’s set to be a great evening with plenty of nibbles and drinks to go round!

Thank you for reading!

Katie Wells, National Coordinator

Membership Meeting