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What does membership involve?

We know that thousands of people in the UK want to join the PREVENT Dementia study, but like most research studies, our funding and resources are limited. At its heart PREVENT is about finding out as much as we can about the diseases and changes in the brain that lead to dementia. It is also about sharing information about brain health, learning from those with personal experience of dementia and finding out about what matters to them and keeping them abreast of the latest research in the field.

We plan hold national conferences for members, send newsletters, and organise local events to help us with delivering science and raising awareness. Members may also get together and plan their own social or fundraising events. 

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Membership Pledge: with your help we can ensure the future of PREVENT.

Examples of what your Membership Pledge can do over one year:

£3 a month pays for DNA analysis to be carried out on 5 participants.Unknown

£10 a month pays for a full cognitive and health assessment for 1 participant.

£50 a month donation would pay for a full scanning visit for 1 participant.

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(This link will take you to our host institution at the University of Edinburgh, but please be assured that all donations will be directed entirely to PREVENT).

If you want to more about PREVENT Membership please e-mail Anna Borthwick, Research Engagement Manager at