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Why help?

Due in part to our ageing population, dementia is affecting more and more people, and dementia will touch many of us or our loved ones. You can contribute to the global fight against dementia by joining the PREVENT Dementia team. Your contribution will help to reach our aims to understand the risks, improve brain health, and PREVENT dementia.

How can I help?

There are various ways you can get involved with the PREVENT Dementia dementia study:

1. If you are considering taking part in the study – excellent! Please fill out the contact form below to find out more. We currently have study centres at the Universities of Edinburgh, Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College, London.

2. Become a PREVENT Member and keep up to date with study news.

3. If you would like to help the study but are not able to take part, we would be extremely grateful for donations to support our research.

4. In future, we will be launching various other ways to get involved in the study. Stay tuned to this website or our Twitter @AD_Prevent for updates.

We are currently recruiting participants into the study in Cambridge, if you would be interested in taking part at this centre then please complete the following form.

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What will happen if I decide to take part?

Participants will be asked to complete various assessments, attend an MRI scan and provide biological samples. All participants will then be required to come back in two years to repeat the same tests again. Assessments will include:

Physical health checks: Blood pressure readings, an Electrocardiogram (ECG) a tracing of the heart’s activity, a lung function test, blood tests, height and weight monitoring and a physical exam from a doctor.

Biological sample collection: Blood, Urine, Saliva and spinal fluid in a sub-group of participants.

Memory assessments: Two computerized memory assessments are completed which aim to identify subtle changes in cognition.

Brain Scanning: Participants will undergo an 80 minute MRI scan and will be asked to complete some tasks whilst the scan is being carried out.

Lifestyle questionnaires: Participants will be asked to complete various lifestyle questionnaires including those covering areas such as diet, personality, history of brain injury, sleep quality and history of stressful life events.

Participant experience feedback:

The 80 minute brain scan sounds like an eternity but in reality it is quite restful, the ear defence works well so the noise is not intrusive and I found the whole experience fascinating, that someone could actually see my brain functioning and will be taking data from that and any future changes, to develop the clinicians understanding of dementia Alzheimer’s.

The cognitive tests were fascinating, challenging in many ways and surprising in others but definitely made me work hard to keep up.

The health tests were reassuring and done with the utmost professionalism and a gentle approach. It is reassuring for a participant to know that they are having ‘once over’ for their general health every couple of years.

The team at the Centre are the best, they are reassuring, kind, and they make you feel respected and part of something that will effect change. And there’s a lot of humour!” Cate, London.

Videos of participant experiences can be seen here.